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Having a custom meal plan isn’t another random, unrealistic “fad-diet”. It’s a proven method, built around understanding and eating exactly what your body needs. 

Allergies or Special Dietary Needs?

It doesn’t matter if you have any allergies or any other specific dietary requirements, a custom meal plan is designed to fit YOU! You’ll get in the BEST shape of your life without having to restrict your food choices.

Even without exercise, with a custom meal plan, you can sit back and watch the pounds MELT away. We want this to be as simple and easy for you to follow as possible.

Take note of your results, and keep reading to find out EXACTLY which steps you need to take next.


The Custom Meal Plan is built around the foods that you select inside of the Health Questionnaire. We focus on less "dieting'" and more of creating a lifestyle. No food is off limit. You'll be given EXACTLY what to eat at the appropriate time along with macros to follow. The meal plan changes every two weeks to stay updated and current if needed. 


Inside of the app you'll be able to upload you weekly photos, see your custom meal plan, connect to Myfitnesspal, track your weekly progress, direct message our coaches and much much more.


The nutrition guide gives you everything you need to know about boosting your metabolism and getting into incredible shape. Studies show 80% of physical results comes through the food we eat. In this training program I share with you my little known techniques to get results the first week of your program. 


The Macro Calculator Tutorial is what really separates this program from others. I teach you how to find your macros, track your calories and adjust them based on your body type. This tutorial also comes with a Myfitnesspal walk through so you can learn how to eat on the go, stay on point with your calories and be shredded for life.

In this guide we will also cover how to bounce back after a cheat meal, portion control and nutrition balance. 

Learning how to track your macros is a lifelong skill that will it make it EASY to keep your shredded physique for AFTER the program is over.



Have you ever wanted to learn how you can still have your favorite foods and stay on track with your health and fitness goals? In the Fit Fast Food Guide I tell you EXACTLY what to order at your favorite fast food restaurants. This guide comes fully equipped with the top fast food chains in the country. This guide will help you create some balance and flexibility with your diet.


Fun, simple and tasty recipes that you can make right from home. The Cookbook includes snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options. These options were specially designed for my clients inside of this program. The guide is great for alternative cheat meals, date nights, and new eating options to include in your daily diet.

Your diet is 80% of getting in great shape, these custom diet plans are the corner stone to making your fitness goals a reality!

Getting Ready For A Special Event?


Summer Vacation

Everyday Lifestyle









You complete your order and fill out the questionnaire to give us your goals. Tell us your likes, dislikes, and aspects of your lifestyles.


We create your meal plans based on your goals and get it back to you in 72 business hours.


Your meal plan arrives via email and you get 4 weeks of meals and additional resources to be successful.


Now, you start your meal plan! You can always reach our Custom Meal Plans customer service department by email with.
"I've been trying my hardest for 2 years to get rid of my lower pooch and nothing worked. The Custom Meal Plan taught me the importance of nutrition and how to eat for my body type and for my busy schedule as a teacher. I feel amazing and my energy is through the roof!"
"I've had multiple back surgeries after years of playing college sports and gained weight due to the bed rest. When I recovered I tried going back to my old diet and training program but my body wasn't use to that anymore. This program taught me how to really get results without spending a ton of time in the gym."
After my second baby it was hard for me to bounce back. I blamed it on my metabolism and me getting older but this program taught me that the metabolism can be boosted at any age. I started the program and changed my eating habits along with my workout routines and the weight melted off. I'm happy and husband loves my new shape."
Meal Plan Only
  • Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Grocery List and Guide
  • Private App and Membership Area Access
  • 'Easy' Nutrition Guide
  • Macro Calculator Tutorial
  • Recipe Book
  • Guided Cheat Meals
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access To All Modules Including Updates
Meal Plan + Coaching
  • Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly Coaching + Accountability
  • Grocery List and Guide
  • Private App and Membership Area Access
  • 'Easy' Nutrition Guide
  • Macro Calculator Tutorial
  • Recipe Book
  • Guided Cheat Meals
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access To All Modules Including Updates

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LET’S BE REAL… if you invest your money in other diet pills, memberships, and products in the health and fitness market, not only are your chances of seeing results lower but you DO NOT have a 100% guarantee of seeing results or your money back!

IT’S THIS EASY: If you do not see the results I have promised within the next  30 DAYS or just are not happy with the Shortcut To Shreds program for whatever reason, contact me for an immediate FULL REFUND, no hassle and no questions asked!
what If YOU Had A Proven Roadmap To Easily Shed A Few Pounds, Stay Lean, & Feel Better Than ever Before?
From: Reuben Brooks from Team Approved
Subject: How "Lean Build Shred" Can Change Your Entire Life

Dear High-Performer,

Have you ever thought:
This Whole "Diet" Thing Looks Way Too Hard To Stick With...
I see a bunch of people who RAVE about it... who are religious about the "Keto lifestyle"...

And it seems like they're all healthy and full of energy... but...
"How am I, a complete beginner without a ton of experience, knowledge, or motivation... gonna make the "Keto Diet" work for ME?!"
My name is Reuben Brooks... 

...and I'm here to tell you that everything you know about the "Keto Diet" is WRONG!

But first... I wanna tell you about how I discovered that the HARD way.

Before I became a athlete, I was just a normal college kid who wanted to have rock-solid abs so I could win a "Spring Break" bet against my good friend:
Little did I know... What started as a $50 bet would drastically change my entire life...

When I returned from Spring Break that year, I had a new focus: My health & fitness

Before I knew it...

I took things to the EXTREME in order to prepare for my first fitness competition:
 I was doing 7 days of exercise and cardio training...
 I had no time for school, my girlfriend, or any sort of "social" event...
 I prepared EVERY meal in little Tupperware containers...
(You know the drill)

I spent months preparing... putting everything else aside so I could focus on winning...

And sure enough, I ended up winning the competition!

Take a look:
Now you might be thinking to yourself, "Wow... impressive... That takes a lot of hard work!"

And it did. I worked my a** off to win that competition.

But it's what happened AFTER the competition that changed me forever.
When the competition ended, I QUICKLY put on 30 extra lbs. of unhealthy weight, started "emotionally eating," and for the first time in my life felt like a complete FAILURE...
I just didn't get it (if I'm being honest)...

Leading up to the competition, I was in the "best shape" of my life (or so I thought).

Now, I was too scared to even step on the scale!

That's when I realized the KEY to optimizing the human body for peak performance...
Give Me Just 28 Days to Walk You Through This Challenge...
And I'll Transform You Into A Performance Keto Warrior!


Professional fitness model, personal trainer & fitness expert - I teach young professionals and high level executives how to balance their fitness goals and their busy lifestyle. 

When the right nutrition and training program is in place you will experience increased energy, rapid fat loss, muscle growth & enhanced mental clarity. 

People often refer to me as someone who takes pride in what they do. I love serving the world by helping people improve their health and self image. 

My approach focuses on simplicity, having fun and giving insight as to why the exercises and foods are chosen. I also focus on maximizing other important areas of life such as sleep, mood and vitality holistically connected to the above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing The Best Strategy For
Easy And Sustainably Losing Body Fat
How long is my Meal Plan?
The meal plan is designed for the month. You will have the ability to continue the plan month-to-month if you choose to do so.

 You'll learn to swap and interchange foods at any time during the meal plan. 

This allows you to eat a variety of food, and using the guides you can easily substitute in other foods to try new things or incorporate new recipes. The possibilities with the resources we provide are endless. By eating the foods you like, and being able to change out foods for variety, we make it easy to stay on the plan and enjoy it! If you are eating the foods you love, it won’t even feel like you’re on the traditional dreaded "diet."
How are the meal plans created?
Your meal plan is created using our 5 Step Custom Meal Plan process. 

1. Fill out the Health Matrix Questionnaire - Choose the foods you want in the program, list out dietary needs and any additional information.
2. Upload starting pictures - Take starting pictures (front, sides, and back). Men in swim trunks or shorts. Women in a bikini or sports bra and bottoms.
3. Find initial starting macros - Calculate your macros using the Approved Macro Calculator.
4. Adjust macros - Macros will be adjusted based on your body type, lifestyle and activity level throughout the day.
5. Build out Custom Meal Plan - Your custom meal plan will be created based off of the foods you choose in the Health Matrix Questionnaire.
How does the coaching work?
Each week you will fill out a short survey to let us know your biggest challenges and wins for the week. You will upload photos inside of the app and record your weight. Every two weeks your coach will assess your progress and change macros if needed. Doing this allows us to see how you're progressing over time so we can continue to create new programs for you.
Can I still drink alcohol ?
Yes, we understand that most people have jobs that require entertaining. We also understand that alcohol may be apart of your every lifestyle. I've provided you with an alcohol guide on which drinks are the best you should consume as well as limit on your intake throughout the program. My philosophy is that you shouldn't cut what you enjoy but rather find creative ways to incorporate them in your lifestyle without going over board. This is how we find balance with a fitness journey and a lifestyle.
I am on a tight schedule and can’t cook everyday. Will this still work for me?
We come across people who don’t have two hours a day to cook all of their meals. We are some of those people! The beauty of meal planning is that you can bulk cook 2 times a week and do very little prepping in between to have your meals ready to go. 

We also understand that some times you're going to be busy and will need to eat on the go.  And if you are ever on the run, we have a section of the guide to help you survive popular restaurants and still stay on track with your meal plan.
Is this meal plan available to people anywhere in the world?
Yes, this program can be purchased anywhere in the world. As soon as you answer the health questionnaire and pick out the foods you want to be incorporated. Your meal plan will be created from that alone. If there are any foods that are local to you that is not on the health questionnaire, simply add it and we do the planning and creating.
Does this meal plan tell me exactly what to eat?
Yes, the meal plan will give you an exact amount at the exact time for the best results possible. We also encourage macro counting and teach you how to swap foods while you're on the go. This is way you get the best of both worlds.
I have a dietary restriction will this work for me?
Yes, whatever your dietary restriction is we create a program based off of how you answer the health questionnaire. This can include but not limited to:
- Gluten Free
- Lactose Intolerant
- Vegan
- Vegetarian
- Plant Base
- Keto
- Carnivore
- Low Inflammatory
- Paleo
- Mediterranean 
- High Protein
- Carb Cycling
- Fat Cycling 
- Intermittent Fasting 
What age do you have to be to purchase the plan?
18 years or older.
What happens if I have a problem with my plan?
With this service, we stand behind the work we do and will make sure that you are satisfied with the plan. Setting you up for success is our priority. We have a big team to help you get started and using the 48 hours of immediate support, you can be assured that we can provide you with the assets you need to be successful on your meal plan.
How can I reach support?
You can reach me or someone on my team anytime by emailing Subject line support.
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